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Some Covid Links

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Jordan Schachtel correctly argues that it’s time that Americans, Brits, and others stop blaming China for the on-going destruction that began last March. We have no one to blame for these deranged lockdowns but ourselves [2]. A slice:

I understand the CCP’s role in manifesting corona madness more than almost anyone, having been one of the few journalists who has reported extensively on this issue. Yes, China is to blame for allegedly allowing the virus to escape from their laboratories, but China is not to blame for our destructive, continuing response to the virus. But for a select few states, the American worker has been absolutely crushed under the weight of the boot of his own government. There are 30 million small businesses in the United States, and many of them are on their last legs, because of policies that have nothing to do with China, and everything to do with the politicians in this country that have revealed themselves as power-drunk aspiring tyrants.

The Chinese Communist Party is not responsible for Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Mike Dewine, JB Pritzker, Muriel Bowser, Phil Murphy, & countless others on all levels of government imprisoning their own citizens in their homes on December 30th of 2020. Simply put, the expiration date for the “China did this!” rallying cry occurred many months ago.

For those of you who deny that Covid-19 lockdowns are tyrannical, Charles Hymas has a report from Britain that you might wish to consult [3]. (This tyranny is the new world order now being recklessly ushered in by those who are infected with Covid Derangement Syndrome.)

Brendan O’Neill properly decries the censorious war on lockdown skeptics [4]. A slice:

There’s a great deal of scapegoating going on here. Britain has been in and out of lockdown for nearly a year and the virus continues to spread. Some in the pro-lockdown lobby are looking for people to blame for the failure of the policy they themselves argued for and supported. And they have landed upon sceptics. Just as eccentric elderly women were held responsible for inclement weather and crop failures in pre-modern times — and often burnt as witches — so sceptical voices are treated as the devils of our time, making Covid worse, causing people to die.

Covid is real. Hospitalisations are rising. Many people are dying. But that does not mean we should suspend public debate about what works and what doesn’t work. On the contrary, in times of crisis we need more discussion, not less. And in times of stifling conformism, such as we have now, we need more heresy.

Laura Perrins offers more wisdom on the lockdown madness [5]. A slice:

If your worldview is that there is no limit on government power, that government is God, and that it can and morally must do everything in its power to stop people dying, then it follows naturally that any failure to take action, even in the form of a draconian Chinese lockdown, is a moral wrong.

It doesn’t matter what the threat to life is: Terrorism, invasions from a foreign enemy are treated the same as natural disasters like a virus or a hurricane. Government, the State is God. It can do what it wants and it MUST act.

However, if you are a conservative, and your worldview is that governments have enough power, thank you very much, that they should be limited in their exercise of power because it is so often abused, then taking any action against a threat to life, especially in the form of a virus, must be examined.

Secondly, that examination will involve asking the following: Will the action taken 1) be effective 2) be proportionate to any outcome achieved 3) will the inevitable negative consequences both foreseeable and unforeseeable be worth the government action and 4) is it in keeping with our culture and values? In other words, is it moral and ethical?

Pathologist John Lee is interviewed about Covid and Covid testing [6].

Stacey Rudin wants to know what’s up with the Great Reset [7]. A slice:

Scaring people into their homes, making them fear their own family and friends, preying on their vulnerabilities, shattering their social existences— especially when you knowingly do this in hopes of making it permanent — is just about as bad as human behavior gets.

Phil Magness reminds us of advice offered in 2006 by the W.H.O., and he has a germane question about today’s deranged reaction to Covid [8]:

2006 WHO report on NPIs during influenza pandemics [9]:

– Mass quarantines (i.e. lockdowns) are ineffective, a poor use of resources, and socially disruptive.

– Encourage social distancing, handwashing, and personal hygiene.

– Discourage people from traveling to infected areas, but travel bans are impractical and should not be used.

– Encourage mask use based on high-risk situations, but masks should NOT be mandatory.

So please tell me again: what exactly changed between 2006 and 2020 that rendered these perfectly sensible and evidence-backed findings obsolete?

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