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Some Non-Covid Links

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George Will writes about the folly of the minimum wage [2]. A slice:

The Manhattan Institute’s Charles Fain Lehman reports [3]: “A surprising body of research links increases in the minimum wage to increases in criminal offending by those most likely to lose jobs as a result of the wage hike.” The Congressional Budget Office concludes [4]that a phased increase to $15 in 2025 could raise the pay of 27 million workers (17 percent [5]of the workforce) but would result in the elimination of about 1.3 million jobs. The CBO estimates that half [3]of those losing jobs would be ages 16 to 19. Lehman says researchers estimate that job losses resulting from a $15 minimum wage “would lead to an additional 423,000 property crimes” and $2.5 billion in damages.

The Heritage Foundation’s Rachel Greszler reports [6]that the median hourly wage of those performing child care is $11.65, and mandating $15 would increase the cost of such care by an average of 21 percent, or $3,728 per year for a family with two children, from $20,152 to $23,880. This could cause some parents to withdraw from the workforce.

If you really want to help Amazon’s employees, Art Carden has some sound advice [7].

Scott Winship makes the case against child allowances [8].

Ross Douthat is rightly alarmed by the woke cancelling of Dr. Seuss [9]. And here’s Robby Soave on the same [10].

Phil Magness explains why he’s not a neoliberal [11].

Peter Suderman exposes Josh Hawley’s toxic populism [12].

Eric Peterson is correct to argue that the biggest threat to free speech is not ‘big tech’ but, rather, government [13].

Pierre Lemieux asks a good question: “How can somebody like Krugman, who is, after all, an economist and obviously an intelligent man, defend such simplistic ideas?” [14]

Here’s basic economic wisdom from John Cochrane [15].

The Kindle version of Thomas Sowell’s 1995 book The Vision of the Anointed is temporarily unavailable on Amazon: “Item Under Review.” [16] Appalling. Disgusting. Deeply dismaying.