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Some Non-Covid Links

Tweet [1]

Ethan Yang talks with the great Richard Epstein [2].

Bruce Yandle makes clear that Trump’s tariffs, while they did nothing to make America great, did indeed make American housing more costly [3]. A slice:

But there is a harder lesson to heed: No group of Washington’s brightest and best can have enough knowledge to predict what will actually happen — who will benefit and who will pay — when major policy interventions occur. Try as we might, we just can’t get it right. But we can perhaps learn to accept what we don’t know and be more cautious before pulling a tariff trigger.

John McWhorter explains what ought not (but, sadly, does) need explaining – namely, why criticism of “critical race theory” isn’t necessarily racist [4].

Billy Binion rightly applauds Clarence Thomas’s skepticism of the terrible doctrine of qualified immunity for police officers [5].

Colin Grabow reports on two new reports that undermine the case for continuation of the cronyist Jones Act [6].

Let’s hope that Ilya Somin is correct that the U.S. Supreme Court might be willing, under the right circumstances, to reconsider Kelo [7].

And let’s also hope that the Institute for Justice wins this case before the U.S. Supreme Court [8].

Eugene Volokh shares news of an applause-worthy ruling by the U.S. 5th Circuit [9].