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Religious Exemption at GMU

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My colleague Dan Klein supplied me with these remarks and instructions, which should be of interest to stakeholders at George Mason University and beyond.

Religious Exemption at GMU

By Dan Klein

I believe that God or “Nature’s God,” to echo the Declaration of Independence [2], or a benevolent universal beholder of humankind including future generations:

  • approves of your choosing to not get a Covid vaccine, especially if you’re under 60 and don’t have comorbidities, and really especially if you’ve already had Covid;
  • disapproves of Covid vaccine mandates and mask mandates.

To put in for a religious exemption at George Mason University:

  1. Download the short, simple form found here [3].

  2. Print it out.

  3. Fill it out.

  4. Bring it to a notary and get it notarized.

  5. Make a copy.

  6. Mail the original notarized copy to (see here [4]): George Mason University, Immunization Office, 4400 University Drive, MS 2D3, Fairfax VA 22030

  7. Scan the copy to make a pdf of it. Go to medicatconnect.com [5] to go into your George Mason Health Services Patient Portal. Click Upload. In “Choose document you are uploading” select “Immunization Support Documents: Lab Results, Shot Records, Exemptions.” Upload the pdf.

  8. Wait to hear by email.