The Mad Money Machine

by Russ Roberts on September 19, 2007

in Podcast

Paul Boyer of the Mad Money Machine interviewed me for his podcast. We talk about EconTalk, parenting, my books and the future of information and media. Paul does a nice job on his show—I’m going to check out the rest of his podcasts which typically are about investing and shadowing Jim Cramer’s stock picks. Paul’s show is sponsored by Index Funds Advisors (IFA). This page of IFA has some nice graphics on the virtues of index funds. Don’t miss the Lucky Manager cigarette pack.

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Brad September 20, 2007 at 2:54 am

Interesting talk. Thanks for sharing. On checking e-mail too much… Way back in the day (1996ish), I knew some of the developers of Apple's integrated Cyberdog e-mail and web browser suite. One nifty innovative option they had with their e-mail client was to regularly check accounts. You could set how often, with a minimum of 5 minutes. I knew I had a problem then when I e-mailed one of the developers and asked whether it could be 1 minute. Of course, he asked why I would want to check e-mail every minute.

But I've recently stumbled on a good solution for spending so much time on e-mail. Have an effective server-side spam filter. I recently switched from self-hosting my domains' e-mail to using a budget hosted solution. That solution includes SpamAssassin, which had been problematic to run on my own servers due to the overload of incoming e-mail. In the first 2 weeks, SpamAssassin caught about 1000 messages per day with only 1 non-spam message getting caught (I did a detailed audit while getting it going) and reducing my personal spam load to 10 or 20 messages a day. This eliminates the biggest part of the e-mail problem: the false elation when new mail is just junk.

shawn September 20, 2007 at 8:23 am

Not *exactly* on topic, but as we're discussing our email methods…

…i *rarely* have a spam make it through gmail.

work email is forwarded directly from the server to my secondary gmail account (providing an archive), where it's then forwarded to one of two imap accounts (aim or fastmail) which provide temporary holding pens and also provide blackberry-style 'push' email to my TREO via Chatter.

My personal gmail address is forwarded to another aim/fastmail account, and pulled down automatically…that way, I know who I'm responding to (work or personal) and can have separate profiles within chatter that will send mails correctly (using either the work SMTP server or the gmail SMTP)

It's been a huge help, because I never need to 'check' my email. I just know if I have one or not.

Now, if I were getting as many emails as Professor Roberts likely is, knowing when they show up might be a real PITA, but with the amount that I get, it works well.

Especially since I can't check 'personal' email from the work computer.

Man…I can not WAIT until the iPhone comes in 40+gb sizes. :)

shawn September 20, 2007 at 8:26 am

oh…and…why have the aim AND the fastmail imap addresses?

well, one, they're free…and that leads to two: I don't expect (and haven't found) them to always work correctly. If one's having a problem (fastmail has a limit of how much you can receive), I just sign on to gmail and switch where the mail gets forwarded…chatter's always listening to both addresses, so whenever mail shows up, it fetches it.

So, that's even BETTER than 'every minute' checking…hmm…is that really 'better'? :)

mlgreen8753 September 24, 2009 at 10:55 pm

What have you learned after shadowing Jim Cramer’s stock picks? From what I hear, they are rarely accurate. I try to do my own research and stock picking. I am now watching Mentor Capital (MNTR) after reading an article about the company.

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