Hazlett on telecom

by Russ Roberts on November 24, 2008

in Podcast

The latest episode of EconTalk is a conversation with my GMU colleague, Tom Hazlett. Lots of interesting stuff on net neutrality and applying Coase to auctioning spectrum.

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dg lesvic November 24, 2008 at 4:23 pm

I had the pleasure of attending private classes Tom Hazlett gave, along with David Friedman, Jack High, and Larry White, at Janice Allen's Dissent School, a long time ago, when they were all at UCLA.

I presented my theory of redistribution to them all, the same theory that was the topic of hot conversation at the Austrian Economists blog a short time ago, and just now at the More Tibor Machan thread below.

They all said it was wrong, and Hazlett, Friedman, and White, for the same reason.

When White and Friedman recently surfaced at the Austrian Economists blog, I asked them to share again their thoughts on the subject. Apparently they demurred. Perhaps Hazlett will rush in where the others would not tread.

dg lesvic November 24, 2008 at 10:21 pm

While waiting for Tom Hazlett, you can find his reaction to the theory, as I recall it, as well as that of High, White, Friedman, Rothbard, Rockwell, Percy Greaves, Leonard Read, Henry Hazlitt, Fritz Machlup, Israel Kirzner, and Walter Block, by clicking on my name below, for The Forbidden Theory of Redistribution.

And you will note that they didn’t all disagree with it.

One who was not mentioned in that piece, Milton Friedman, didn’t exactly disagree or agree with it. He just opined that the whole issue was better approached through mathematics.

One who enthusiastically agreed with it was Walter Block. I got in a lot of trouble over at that other blog for mentioning that. They play rough over there.

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