Interview on The Price of Everything

by Russ Roberts on December 2, 2008

in Books

Here’s an interview with me about The Price of Everything from the Logic Consortium. It’s about 20 minutes and focuses on emergent order and how markets solve the knowledge problem to create harmony. We also get into the current mess.

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tw December 2, 2008 at 2:54 pm


Enjoyed your answers and explanations in this interview.

Thought the interviewer sounded odd…too much like a FM disc jockey at times. Then he restated part of your answer at the end (why not replay your exact quotes?) and tried to make some point about how his "bootstrap question" never gets answered. Well, let's go to Interviewing 101…if that's his key question, then he needs to have it phrased such that it's clearly understood what he wants answered, and if the interviewee interprets it differently, then interrupt and either clarify or ask a follow-up question. It seems rather silly for him to bemoan that his question wasn't answered the way he wanted it…and for him to have done nothing about it during the interview.

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