Mary O’Grady on Haiti

by Don Boudreaux on January 19, 2010

in Current Affairs, Foreign Aid, Video

In this four-plus-minute-long video, the Wall Street Journal‘s Mary Anastasia O’Grady explains that Haiti has been harmed over the years by what the late Peter Bauer called “government-to-government aid” (and what is commonly called “foreign aid”), as well as by U.S. intervention in that country’s political scene.

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vidyohs January 19, 2010 at 10:30 am

This topic of foreign aid obviously being wasted was one very frequently discussed by my shipmates and my self in downtime BS sessions.

I go back a ways and we were discussing it in the early 60s, why so much money was going to little nations that had despot dictators who seemed to skim off the majority of the aid and send it to their
Swiss bank accounts as a hedge against the day they knew that the people would revolt or at least their subordinates would.

We laid it to the cold war and membership in the U.N. and the need to present the face to the world that the USA had the votes to approve its actions, so our government cynically bought those dictators and their votes, just as it bought their successors, etc. etc. to today when it is still buying them, all the while with certainty that the people in the country were/are never going see any benefit.

Haiti is just one of many.

USA foreign aid is one of the most cynical programs this nation has ever come up with, and at enormous cost to you taxpayers.

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