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by Don Boudreaux on August 30, 2010

in Country Problems, Energy, Environment, Subsidies, Work

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby wisely wants stem-cell research funded by the private sector – and offers evidence that such funding would be forthcoming.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Robert Barro argues that taxpayer-funded unemployment benefits promote unemployment, while Mary Anastasia O’Grady exposes creeping dictatorship in Argentina, and Paul Rubin exposes ten misconceptions about privacy on the Web.

John Stossel sensibly calls for an end to the grandstanding prosecution of former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens.

Writing in The American Spectator, Matt Purple reviews “The history of ethanol [that] is a sad torrid affair of crony capitalism and green fantasies.“  (HT Chris Meisenzahl)

EconLog’s David Henderson (thanks David!) points out Adam Smith’s insight applicable to Henry Ford’s 1914 $5-per-day wage.

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