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Some Links

Ross Kaminsky deals nicely with Andy Stern’s recent WSJ essay on the alleged failure of free markets.  As does James Pethokoukis.  And as does Dan “Bulldog” Mitchell.

As my dear friend Roger Meiners points out to me, by e-mail, that the pro-government-regulation crowd should applaud this government effort to protect them from themselves.

Heather Mac Donald opens her recent essay on OWSers:

There’s no more full-throated a defender of property rights than a member of the anticapitalist Left asserting the right to colonize someone else’s property. “Whose park? Our park!” chanted members of the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park as the New York Police Department belatedly broke up the illegal occupation yesterday morning. “This is our home!

(Armen Alchian surely isn’t surprised by the conflicts that Heather documents.)

Greg Mankiw reflects on the students who walked out of one of his economics lectures at Harvard last month in protest.  (HT my colleague Omar Al-Ubaydli)

I, Cheeseburger  (HT Fred Dent and Robert Howard)

John Goodman asks “What is a Progressive?

Mark Perry reviews a foundational truth about trade.