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by Don Boudreaux on August 24, 2012

in Complexity & Emergence, Crony Capitalism, Seen and Unseen, State of Macro, Taxes, Video, Weblogs

The great stagnation might, after all, be real: Arnold Kling has stopped blogging.

Sheldon Richman comments incisively on Matt Yglesias’s evaluation of the relevance of Bastiat.

As you watch this very short video – which, while cute, makes an important point – keep in mind Deirdre McCloskey’s thesis that culture¬†and rhetoric matter greatly. ¬†Widespread admiration for activities and professions that, at bottom, are predatory is dangerous.

Over at The Liberal Order, Mark Steckbeck explains an important – but too-often-overlooked – distinction between marginal and average tax rates.

Peter Lewin continues to brilliantly instruct us on the importance of understanding a modern economy’s complexity.

K. William Watson weighs in on Russia’s membership in the WTO – and Congress’s inexcusable protectionism.


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