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by Don Boudreaux on January 13, 2013

in Debt and Deficits, Economics, Monetary Policy, Politics

Tyler Cowen nicely summarizes the most important of Jim Buchanan’s many substantial contributions to economics and the social sciences.

Garett Jones highlights one of the many instances in which Jim Buchanan raised himself above the standard crowd of academics.

David Friedman remembers Jim Buchanan.

Brian Doherty remembers Jim Buchanan.

Tim Groseclose remembers Jim Buchanan.

Charles Rowley remarks here upon learning of the death of Jim Buchanan.

Sheldon Richman – inspired by the much-underappreciated Destutt de Tracy – discusses the debt ceiling sky.

Finally, George Selgin weighs in on the latest species (pun intended) of ‘our’ government’s financial shenanigans.

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