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by Don Boudreaux on May 7, 2013

in Books, Current Affairs, Immigration

Thursday at 2:00pm – GMU Fairfax’s Johnson Center Cinema – my colleague Chris Coyne along with panelists including Bob Higgs discuss Chris’s new book, Doing Bad by Doing Good.

And now to a topic much in today’s news….

David Brooks writes eloquently about immigration reform.

My GMU Econ colleague, along with Fresno State’s Nathan Smith (a GMU Econ Ph.D.) and the Center for Immigration Studies’s Steve Camarota, are interviewed on open borders at HuffPost Live.

My former GMU student Alex Nowrasteh is understandably unimpressed with the Heritage Foundation’s much-ballyhooed report that immigrants are destined to be a huge fiscal burden on Americans.

And several days ago Alex discussed a related issue.

Jim Pethokoukis weighs in wisely on the Heritage immigration study.  (HT Alex Nowrasteh)


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