GMU Econ alum Ninos Malek says “Let the market give discrimination its just desserts.

Speaking of discrimination – or at least of allegations of discrimination – Christina Hoff Sommers continues to bust myths.

Sam Staley reviews five recent movies that deal with race relations in the United States.

George Will isn’t moved by animal spirits.

Here’s David Henderson on the plausible claim – made by me and others – that ordinary Americans today are indeed richer than Rockefeller was 100 years ago.

Vincent Geloso offers his list of best economic-history papers of 2017.

It’s a very good thing that Trump’s immigration policies weren’t in place for the past 53 years.

Why does government keep expanding?

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy continues to plead for Uncle Sam to tighten his belt.


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