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Cuban Cars

Just when you thought it was OK to have a little fun, Cuba has decided to confiscate the cars of the occasional capitalist. From now on, the managers of Cuban state run enterprises will have to go back to Ladas, one of the worse cars in the world. So reports Reuters:

Managers of Cuba’s state enterprises have been told to hand over their expensive cars like Toyotas and Mitsubishis and stick to the more proletarian Russian-made Ladas or smaller vehicles.

I am amazed that Ladas are still being made. Who is buying them? And if the indignity of swapping your Toyota for a Lada weren’t bad enough:

Nor can they drive cars with decorations or air-conditioning, which has set them apart from ordinary Cubans in the sweltering heat of tropical summer.

What a delightful country.

Meanwhile, Oliver Stone profiles El Commandante on HBO. Allesandra Stanley’s review is here.