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Dobbs and jobs

The New York Times (rr) reports that Lou Dobbs is coming out with a book on outsourcing. It will be critical of corporate greed. The publisher is “hurrying” the book—it will be out in four months. Only the publishing business considers a four month lag “hurrying.” Outsourcing was a hot topic when the war was quieter and the job market was mediocre. If the economy keeps adding jobs at anything close to its March pace, trying to scare people about outsourcing will be like writing a book on the dangers we face from the Japanese economy.

Lest there be any doubt, work on the book will be done in the United States.

“Obviously the editor and publisher are situated in New York, in the U.S.A.,” Ms. Raab said. “It’s almost definitely going to be printed in Fairfield, Pa., just outside of Gettysburg.”

Mr. Dobbs, informed of the likely printer’s location, said, “I am delighted, and would have expected nothing else.”

That’s a relief, isn’t it? But given his views on greed, I’m disappointed Dobbs isn’t posting the book on the internet or giving it away on street corners.