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Clinical Trials

Lance Armstrong is touring the country encouraging people with cancer to participate in clinical trials of new drugs.

"I consider myself a cancer survivor because of the people before me who participated in clinical trials and paved the way for future cancer survivors," said Armstrong, who–more than seven years after being diagnosed with advanced cancer–is going for his sixth consecutive Tour de France title this July. "The Tour of Hope Team members are incredible and each of them is an inspiration to me. Together we will spread the message that without clinical trials, no new medicines would be available today, or will be available for patients in the future.

"The message of the Tour of Hope is to increase the awareness for clinical trials. What we see in our country now with the difference between clinical trials in children and clinical trials in adults is alarming. Whereas the children have a high success rate and the adults have a much lower success rate. So, we are just trying to create awareness, to spread the message and to let people know that clinical trials are a viable option and in many times the best option," he said.

It’s a good idea.  A better idea would be to allow people with cancer to have access to any treatment that might help them.  It’s bizarre that to help people who are dying, we have to encourage them to find a clinical trial going on somewhere potentially out of state in order to have a chance at life.  The FDA, as I discussed in the previous post, does more harm than good.


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