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Second Thoughts from Canada

As economics predicts, the Canadians are starting to get nervous about Americans shopping for a free lunch. From the Toronto Star:

Cross-border Internet pharmacies threaten to drain precious supplies needed to treat sick Canadians and could lead to a “full-scale disaster” for the health system, a coalition of groups representing seniors, pharmacies and patients warned today.

Groups claiming to represent 10 million Canadians called on Ottawa to ban the export of prescription drugs, arguing that Canada cannot afford to address U.S. drug shortages and soaring prescription costs with its own stock.

“It is completely untenable to think that Canada could supply their needs and our own for even one month, let alone on an ongoing basis,” said Louise Binder of the Canadian Treatment Action Council and Best Medicines Coalition.

“Our system would quickly be overwhelmed and Canadians would pay the price for our government allowing the U.S. to raid our medicine cabinet.”