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Reality Based?

The editors of the Boston Globe almost surely think of themselves as proud members of the "reality-based community" – that ‘community’ of leftist Americans who congratulate themselves on their clear thinking, their undistorted vision, and their rejection of foolish myths and dangerous fantasies.

But members of the ‘reality-based community,’ alas, suffer just as many delusions and romantic flights of fancy as do conservatives. Exhibit A: this editorial in today’s Boston Globe. Note the last paragraph – "Public broadcasting needs public support. Viewers must condemn politicized attacks on a valuable public asset."

In what universe is it a reality that anything created and funded by politics has any remote hope of not being the target of politicized attacks? For the editors of the Globe to plead that a political institution – in this case, PBS – be keep free of politicking is to reveal serious detachment from reality.


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