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Monstrous Brutality

One of the things that Europeans — especially eastern Europeans — do better than Americans is use the term “liberalism” properly.

I never describe myself as “conservative” – for I am in no way, shape, form, or content conservative. I am liberal through and through.

But, of course, in the U.S. the word "liberal” has been appropriated by welfare statists. So, except in very limited company, I cannot here at home describe myself as “liberal” without being wholly misunderstood. Too bad, for liberal I am.

And it’s the liberal in me that is sickened, distraught, and enraged at this recent murder in Iran. Tom Palmer describes the atrocity, and I second all that he says.

The victims were two young men whose crime was to make love to each other. The murderers are fellow Iranians who hung these men for their ‘offense.’

I can only try to imagine the twisted, sick notions infecting the minds of those who believe that people should be killed for having consensual sex – minds as far from liberal as minds can be – minds rooted not in civilization but in mysticism and ignorance that produce only lethal certainty – minds belonging not to any creatures deserving to be called human, but to monsters.

The greatest blessing of liberalism isn’t material prosperity or a wide franchise; it’s a civilization that does not tolerate intolerance of peaceful people.


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