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A Lean Budget?

NPR’s Cokie Roberts and Steve Inskeep had an on-air discussion this morning in which Ms. Roberts mentioned Rep. Tom DeLay’s belief that Uncle Sam’s budget has been stripped of fat.

While I cannot now find a link to this Roberts-Inskeep conversation, I did find this recent report in the Washington Times in which DeLay’s declaration of ‘victory’ in the ‘war’ on budget fat is described.

There are too-many too-obvious things to say in response to DeLay’s absurd claim that a $2 trillion-plus government budget funds only worthwhile programs and does so efficiently.  I’ll neither insult your intelligence nor waste your time with a litany of these things to say in respone.

But I do draw your attention to this almost-too-modest proposal for budget cuts by Steve Slivinski and Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute.