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Reality-Based Grasp of "Aid"

Franklin Cudjoe, Director of Imani, a Ghana reality-based thinktank — that is, a thinktank that rejects the belief that force can be a magic potion — had a wonderful essay in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.  (It’s here, but a paid subscription is required.)

Here’s Franklin’s closing paragraph:

African leaders must be pushed to reduce economic intervention, free financial markets, remove bureaucratic obstacles to setting up businesses, establish property rights and enforce contract law. These are the forces that release entrepreneurial energy. But the ruling cliques will do none of these unless forced to do so as a condition of aid. The [Jeffrey] Sachs aid model has financed tyranny and corruption for 40 years, leaving Africans destitute. The world trade meeting in Hong Kong will hear cries for "Trade Justice" for Africa, representing more protectionism and more state-run, aid-fueled schemes. What we really need is economic freedom and the rule of law at home: We are perfectly capable of improving our own lot if only allowed to do so.


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