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You've Had Your Turn

I was speaking to someone yesterday who had lived in England.  She said that the nationalized health system there is great for children, but as you get older and older, the attitude is "you’ve had your turn" so you have access to fewer medical resources.  A pretty horrifying way to treat human beings.  She said that the wait for an MRI is 4-6 months and that there was virtually no preventive care.  If that is correct, it would help explain these data:


Is it true that there is virtually no preventive care in the UK?  Anyone out there have experience with England or know something about it?

As I was telling my wife about the delays in England, my 13 year-old daughter immediately said, "sounds like Canada."  That’s because I had shown her this 24 minute documentary.  It’s pretty intense in parts, so you may not want to show it to your younger children.  But for the older ones, I recommend watching it with them and helping them understand why there’s no free lunch with "free" health care.


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