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Why Modern Mercantilists Such as Paul Craig Roberts and Lou Dobbs are Mistaken

Paul Craig Roberts believes that Americans’ standard of living is threatened by the
world’s growing prosperity, improved education, better governance, and
greater fluidity of capital and resources to move in search of higher

This alleged cause of U.S. economic decline is so bizarre that you’re forgiven if you question my interpretation of P.C. Roberts.  But in my latest article at Tech Central Station I quote from the 2004 New York Times op-ed that P.C. Roberts co-wrote with Senator Charles Schumer.  You judge.

Oh — in this TCS essay I also explain (more concisely than I do here) why P.C. Roberts and his intellectual cohorts such as Lou Dobbs and Sen. Schumer are wrong about free trade.  P.C. Roberts, Dobbs, et al., seem to be on a mission to resurrect mercantilism‘s beggar-thy-neighbor fallacy.