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A Good Weekend for Pesticides

The spinach e-coli outbreak comes from organic spinach. The Washington Post reports:

Federal health officials last night linked a deadly E. coli outbreak in
bagged spinach products to a California farm company that sells organic
produce in 74 percent of the country’s grocery stores.

My memory is that un-natural produce, the produce that is grown with pesticides has a lower chance of carrying e-coli. Is this true? Please post some evidence on this issue in the comments.

And on the opposite page comes this pro-pesticide story:

The World Health Organization reversed a 30-year-old policy yesterday
and declared its support for indoor use of the pesticide DDT to control
mosquitoes in regions where malaria is a major health problem.

This is bad news for mosquitos and good news for human beings:

About 1 million people die each year of malaria, most of them African children under age 5.

WHO expects opposition to the policy change from some environmental groups. Kochi appealed directly to them in his announcement.

am here today to ask you, please help save African babies as you are
helping to save the environment. African babies do not have a powerful
movement . . . to champion their well-being," he said.

Kochi is the head of the malaria division of WHO, the World Health Organization.

Let the spraying begin.


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