I Demand the Right to be Free of Economic Ignorance

by Don Boudreaux on September 30, 2006

in Health, Myths and Fallacies, Reality Is Not Optional

Today’s New York Times has several letters-to-the-editor expressing inanely quixotic notions about health care.  For example, Professor of Psychology Marcus Tye writes that

We should stop thinking of health care as a benefit to be earned from work and bought through middlemen (private insurers), and start treating it as a human right and a universal entitlement.

Sounds nice.  Rights are good, right?  So if some rights are good, more rights are better.

Wrong.  Bart Hinkle, columnist at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, very admirably summarizes (at the TimesDispatch.com blog) the reasons why health care is not, and cannot be made to be, a right.


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