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I Recycle

I recycle a lot — I really and truly do.

Here are some paragraphs from a recently published essay of mine explaining my recycling:

I awaken, I shower and dry myself with a towel that I’ve had for a few
years. I don’t discard it after one use. When it gets dirty, I
rejuvenate it by processing it through recycling machines that my wife
and I own: a washing machine and clothes dryer.

Then I brew coffee and fix breakfast. Each day, I use the same coffee
maker that I used the day before. I clean it after each use, recycling
it for the next brew. My wife and I drink the coffee from mugs that
have been used many times in the past. (One set of our coffee mugs was
handed down to us after my wife’s parents used them for several years.)
We also eat our breakfasts using dishes and utensils that are recycled
from countless past uses. After breakfast, we recycle our mugs, dishes,
and utensils with the help of another recycling machine: an automatic

After breakfast, I dress in clothes that I’ve worn before and that I
will wear again. My underwear, my pants, my shirt, my necktie, my belt,
my coat, my shoes – all are recycled from previous uses. Indeed, I take
my suits and coats to a store specializing in recycling such garments:
my local dry-cleaner.

In fact, the very house we live in is recycled. It was built in 1993 by
the Van Brocklins who, when they moved out of the area in 2001, didn’t
abandon the house or trash it; they sold it to us.

My family and I recycle a lot. Everyone recycles a lot.

Indeed, I recycle even my ideas.