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Happy Birthday, Thomas Babington Macaulay

Today is the 206th birthday of Thomas Babington Macaulay.

I admire this man’s work so much that Karol and I named our son, in part, after him.  (The other inspiration for our son’s name are the late Hugh Macaulay and his wife, Pinky.)  Our son’s name is Thomas Macaulay Boudreaux.

Here’s the always-eloquent Wally Olson, writing a few years ago in Reason, on Macaulay.  And here’s Jim Powell’s fine essay on Macaulay.

Most importantly, here’s Macaulay’s 1830 essay "Southey’s Colloquies on Society" — perhaps the greatest essay ever penned in the English language.

A very good intellectual biography of Macaulay is by John Clive (1973).