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Walter Williams Interview

The newest episode of EconTalk is an interview with my colleague and economics communcator extraordinaire, Walter Williams. He talks about his early days in graduate school, how he got involved in communicating economics to normal people, why the Civil War shouldn’t be called the Civil War but the War Between the States, the long-run incentive effects of squashing secession, and a conversation about some of Walter’s deepest insights into understanding the economy around us. Go here and you can either listen to it at your desk or download it and trasfer it to your MP3 player. You can also find EconTalk by visiting the iTunes Music Store and searching for "EconTalk."

If you have any reaction to this podcast or earlier ones, please email me at Roberts -at- gmu.edu and put "EconTalk" in the subject line. Starting next week, I’ll be reading listener emails and responding to them at the end of each podcast.


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