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Another Response to Comparing Globalization to Terrorism

I found Cynthia Tucker’s description of globalization as "more insidious" than the world’s most notorious terrorist outfit to be so over-the-top out-of-touch that I wrote also to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where her comparison of consenting capitalist acts with murder and destruction first appeared.  The Journal-Constitution printed my letter today:

How ironic that Cynthia
Tucker mentions "enlightenment ideals" in the same column in which she
asserts that globalization is "a more insidious force" than al-Qaida.
Forget her unenlightened disregard of facts, such as her suggestion
that home ownership is increasingly out of reach for Americans. (In
fact, the percent of Americans owning their own home now is at an
all-time high.) She embraces two antedeluvian attitudes that are
rejected by enlightened thinkers: tribalism and superstition.

Globalization is opposed chiefly by tribalists and by those who
cling to the absurd superstition that commerce with people living in
different parts of the world is dangerous.