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More on Globalization and Terrorism

A day after the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran Cynthia Tucker’s column calling globalization "a force more insidious" than al-Queda (and see here), the Baltimore Sun ran the same article by Ms. Tucker.  Today’s edition of the Sun contains my letter in response:

Globalization isn’t a terrible menace

Sun’s editorial "On the table" (Nov. 6) correctly notes that China’s
"booming economy" has lifted 43 million people in that country out of

This boom, of course, is driven by China’s move toward free markets and its integration into the global economy.

But in the same edition, Cynthia Tucker calls globalization "a force
more insidious" than terrorism ("Lack of economic security is no less a
threat than terrorism," Opinion • Commentary, Nov. 6).

Does she really believe what she writes?

Does she really believe that peaceful commerce with people in other
countries is more insidious than the murder and maiming of innocent

Does she really believe that foreigners who offer to
sell televisions and textiles to us are more insidious than those who
take our lives and destroy our property?