The Great Friedman

by Don Boudreaux on November 18, 2006

in Current Affairs

The Washington Times today published this letter-to-the-editor that I wrote about Milton Friedman:

A champion of human liberty

Milton Friedman was indeed a brilliant economist ("Nobel-winning economist Friedman dies at 94," Nation, yesterday).

Mr. Friedman also was a virtuoso debater. When, to endorse
conscription over the volunteer military, Gen. William Westmorland said
that he did not want to command "an army of mercenaries," Mr. Friedman
piped up and asked, "General, would you rather command an army of

Milton Friedman was one of history’s greatest champions of liberty and human dignity.


Department of Economics

George Mason University


Milton Friedman, for me, has always existed — always been — always stood strong as a champion of truth and freedom.  I am sad beyond words that he is no longer with us.


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