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Help Wanted

I’m looking for someone who might be able to do some simple animation to tell economic stories. For example, I have an idea for a narrative that would show how the minimum wage hurts the workers with the lowest skills. You could make it a full-blown documentary or animated story. But what I’m thinking of is a low-level of visual sophistication (stick figures or crayonesque drawings) that would have a certain stylish simplicity so that you could create this kind of visual story quickly and at relatively low cost. But it would be fast-paced enough and entertaining enough that people would want to watch.

Do you have any experience in this kind of thing? If yes, and if you’d find this kind of enterprise interesting, send me an email at roberts at gmu do edu with a link to something you’ve done that might be vaguely related. If you don’t have the experience but have seen something akin to this, I’d like to see that too.