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Thou Shalt Not Prosper

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review I challenge the religion of environmentalism.  Here are a few paragraphs:

What we almost never hear from self-proclaimed "environmentalists" is
recognition of the upside of contemporary life. The commerce and
industry that produce all the things that environmentalists
ecstatically despise also produce incredible amounts of wealth, health
and cleanliness — not to mention the leisure necessary for modern
people to reflect upon and enjoy nature.

Also, too many environmentalists condemn people who don’t share their
creed. For example, I don’t recycle my trash because my time is too
precious for me to spend it sorting such items into different
containers. I never criticize those who do recycle, but
environmentalists point accusing fingers at us nonrecyclers. In
environmentalists’ eyes, those who unquestioningly disregard the value
of one resource (time) in order to spend it on the conservation of
other resources (wood, plastic and glass) are righteous while those of
us who value and conserve time are sinners.


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