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A title for my next book

I’m finishing up my next book and I’m struggling with the title. Like my first two books, it’s a novel that conveys economic ideas. I’d like the title to convey something of the substance of the book, it should be easily remembered and it should look intriguing if you picked it up in the bookstore, heard about it from a friend or or heard it mentioned on the radio. It should also be somewhat easy to remember. Without knowing anything about the content, which of these titles grab you? You’ll have to imagine an evocative and attractive cover. Imagine hearing from a friend, "I’m reading this great book, it’s called ————" Which of these titles would you like to hear filling in the blank?

How Little We Know

The Price of Everything

Unscripted Life

The Silent Symphony

Silent Harmony

The Ties That Bind

Let it Grow

The Garden of Prosperity

The Poet of Prosperity


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