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Hot Heads

Jeff Jacoby’s August 15th column on global warming, in the Boston Globe, is outstanding.

Today’s edition of the Globe published the letter that I sent after reading Jeff’s piece:

courageously denounces the hysterical groupthink so prominent in the
crusade against global warming. I am a global-warming skeptic — not of
the science of climate change (for I have no expertise to judge it),
but of combating climate change with increased government power.

Gore, Robert Kennedy Jr., and too many others dismiss the downside of
curtailing capitalism in order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
They write and speak as if the material prosperity that capitalism
brings is either not threatened by increased government power, or is of
only small importance when compared to the threat of global warming.

Truly reasonable people are, and ought to be, skeptical of each of these dogmas.

Fairfax, Va.

The writer is chairman of the department of economics at George Mason University.

And an even better read to be found in today’s edition of the Globe is the second installment of Jeff’s assessment of the climate-change debate.