On Skies and Airports

by Don Boudreaux on August 22, 2007

in Regulation, Trade, Travel

USA Today today published this letter of mine advocating free trade in air-passenger service and privatization of air-traffic-control and, indeed, airports generally:

USA TODAY’s editorial "How airlines mistreat fliers and get Congress to go along"
correctly notes that America’s flying public can be better served, but
the editorial’s proposed solution of more government regulation is
unwise (Our view, Airline passenger rights debate, Monday).

What Congress should do:

* Open domestic routes to foreign carriers. The increased competition will lower prices and improve service.

* Follow the example of Canada and more than a dozen other countries
that have either fully or partially privatized their
air-traffic-control systems. As a result, these countries have seen
impressive technological advances.

State and local governments can do their part by privatizing
airports, which will unleash the profit motive and supply more and
better ground capacity for planes and passengers.


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