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Among the nice perks of blogging here at the Cafe are the several offers of free books that come my and Russ’s way each year.

With that background, here’s a letter that I just sent to the Marketing Director at Henry Holt, publisher of Naomi Klein’s latest book, The Shock Doctrine; this gentleman e-mailed me this afternoon with an offer of a free copy of this book.

Dear Mr. Rhorer:

Thank you for your e-mail offer of a free copy of Naomi Klein’s latest book attacking capitalism.  I accept.

I note, though, that Ms. Klein’s previous best-seller, No Logo – which you call “groundbreaking” – was praised by the PBS show Frontline as “an impassioned critique of marketing’s effects on culture and citizenship.”  Is Ms. Klein aware that the major American corporation publishing her new book is trying to drum up sales with mass e-mails from – of all people! – its director of Marketing?

Donald J. Boudreaux