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Here’s a letter I sent recently to a local radio station in D.C.

15 September 2007

News Editor, WTOP Radio

To the Editor:

I waited in vain for you to draw your listeners’ attention to the connection between two of your reports today.  The first report – delivered in a grave voice – was of how rising rents are financially squeezing low-income families.  The cause you give for these rising rents is a “housing shortage.”

The second report – delivered in an upbeat, almost triumphant voice – was of how Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has set aside yet more land in that state as a nature preserve.

As government declares more and more land off-limits for development, it reduces the potential supply of new houses and apartments, thereby causing housing prices and rents to rise.  More nature preserves might be desirable, but people should be made aware of their long-term costs.

Donald J. Boudreaux


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