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A Dearth of Taxes?

Yesterday’s New York Times has an editorial that can only be described as jaw-droppingly dumb.  (HT: Laurence
J. Dallaire) 
I sent the following letter in response:

To the Editor:

that Uncle Sam today rakes in tax revenues that are, in
inflation-adjusted dollars, 25 percent larger than those that he took
in 2001 – thus making a mockery of your claim that Washington’s tax
take today is "meager" ("The Dearth of Taxes," October 22).  And forget
that the Wall Street Journal today reports that Congress has increased
corporate welfare for the current fiscal year by nearly ten percent, to
$100 billion.

When pleading for higher taxes, at least keep your
story straight.  In your editorial you simultaneously blame
government’s alleged lack of funds for bringing many U.S. corporations
"to the brink" AND you dismiss the recent growth in tax revenues as
being due to "spectacular increase in corporate profits."  Such
inconsistency taxes your readers’ credulity.

Donald J. Boudreaux