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Contract incentives

Curt Schilling is coming back to the Red Sox. His base salary is $8 million. he can make an additional $3 million based on meeting various performance milestones. Then there are some unusual incentives:

He also can make an
additional $2 million by meeting weight clauses — $333,333 for each
time he passes one of six random monthly weigh-ins.

Now, I’d like to weigh a little bit less myself. Interesting question–how much money would it take for me to change my eating and exercise habits. Less than $2 million. But it’s interesting how hard the Red Sox think it’s going to be for Curt Schilling to do so and he admits he should weigh less. How much money would you have to be paid to go without that second helping at dinner? Then there’s this:

Schilling also would get $1 million next year
if he receives at least one vote in Cy Young Award balloting.

That’s weird. Why would the Red Sox want to give a baseball writer a very easy way of giving Curt Schilling a million dollars?  Curt could just split it with him. Is Cy Young voting anonymous? Is it going to be awkward to vote for Curt if he goes 1-4 with a 4.90 ERA?  And if a writer votes for Schilling after a mediocre year, would Curt take the money? If I were the Red Sox, I would have made  the minimum number of votes two or three.

Schilling’s version of the whole thing is here (HT: Jeff Bliss). He blogs well.


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