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"It's Getting Better All the Time"

If the New York Times and other major, elite news outlets are to be believed, the only real question today is whether ordinary people will meet their end by being roasted or flooded to death by man-made global warming or by being crushed — as they crawl in search of crumbs of toxic food not grown locally — beneath the diamond-studded heels of boots worn by the richest one-percent of the population.

Patrons of the Cafe know that Russ and I are generally skeptical of most of the fear-mongering about the state of humanity.  Admittedly, we are both deeply influenced by the late Julian Simon, who is, in my opinion, the most underrated economist ever to live.

So I’m delighted to learn that Manoj Padki has started the wonderful new blog "It’s Getting Better All the Time" (whose title comes from this book written by Julian Simon and his student Stephen Moore).  In this blog, Manoj will report and document many of the countless ways that humans are progressing.  I will visit Manoj’s blog at least once each day.