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Typepad and the "remember personal info" when commenting

We’ve all been frustrated at times by the weird problem of having checked "Remember Personal Info" on the comment form and finding that when we go to comment again, it’s all blank. So you dutifully fill out the form again and dutifully check the box hoping that next time Typepad will indeed remember you, but annoyingly, nothing happens the next time.

It turns out that all you have to do is check the "Remember Personal Info" BEFORE you start filling  in the info the second (and third and fourth and so on) time. As soon as you check the box, Typepad fills it all in. At least that’s what happens to me on Firefox with a Mac. This order of events does seem to violate one’s expectations but at least it works once you’ve figured it out.

Good luck, good commenting, and let’s keep the civility high. Fewer gotchas and more exploration and education.