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Evil Wal-Mart

A lot of people think that when Wal-Mart comes to town, wages fall along with the quality of life. Wal-Mart jobs are low-paying which drains money from the community. Wal-Mart jobs don’t have enough benefits along with the low wages. Wal-Mart jobs exploit workers because Wal-Mart workers aren’t unionized.

Here are 7,500 arguments on the other side.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

They came in droves — high
school students, retirees, young moms, the unemployed — all for a shot
at a job at a new Wal-Mart on Memorial Drive in central DeKalb County.

In just two days, and with virtually no advertising or even any
signs, a staggering 7,500 people filled out applications for one of the
350 to 400 available jobs.