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On the job leisure

Many of us have jobs that allow us to take our leisure on the job throughout the day and at our own discretion. We’re not on an assembly line. We don’t punch a clock. We don’t have scheduled coffee breaks. We can surf the web or call home or take a doctor’s appointment. This is a fundamental improvement in the quality of life, though it’s partially offset for many of us who work from home at all hours to make up for the time we spent checking out the latest news on the Red Sox.

Then there are the really privileged, the people whose jobs allow them to take months off from their jobs pursuing their own interests and hobbies. These people are so special that no one seems to complain when they spend so little time at their jobs. These people are called U.S. Senators. A number of them are running for President, a 100 plus hour-a-week hobby that leaves little time for anything else.

How can the poor citizens from Arizona, New York, and Illinois (to pick a few prominent examples) get by with being so poorly represented in the Senate? Maybe this representation thing is overrated. Or at least the Senate thing.