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Worstall on Bureaucratic Actions

Here’s a letter that I sent yesterday to the Wall Street Journal:

Arthur Brooks reports on
research showing that "political intolerance in America … is to be
found more on the left than it is on the right" ("Liberal Hatemongers,"
January 17).  I’m not surprised.  "The right," after all, includes many
persons who are liberal in the original sense.  These persons distrust
centralized power and celebrate markets and free trade as liberating
humankind from poverty, tyranny, and superstition.  True liberals do
not fancy themselves fit to tell others what to ingest, what not to
smoke, what merchants to patronize, what insurance to buy, or otherwise
how to live.

True liberals understand that society is
indescribably complex and that our knowledge is always tentative.  In
contrast, too many of today’s "liberals" – overestimating their own
intelligence and underestimating both the intelligence of others and
the dangers of government power – egotistically yearn to remake society
according to their own images.

Donald J. Boudreaux

Lending evidence to the hypothesis that today’s so-called "liberals" overestimate their own intelligence, the insightful Tim Worstall over at the Globalization Institute’s site has this important post on — oh my! — a big bureaucratic blunder.  Turns out that government bureaucrats are human after all.


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