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Low Standards

I sent this letter on Sunday to the Washington Post:

Dear Editor:

forever flabbergasted by the preposterously low standards to which
politicians are held.  Case in point: in today’s lead editorial ("Trading Down") you
correctly note that Senators Clinton and Obama each now is trumpeting
more and more wrongheaded populist themes – including suspicion of
trade – only to increase her or his chances of securing the
nomination.  So by your own assessment (which I share) the next
President of the United States might well be someone who endorses
policies that he or she knows to be unwise AND who lies in order to
score with the electorate.

If a man tonight falsely assures a
woman of his undying love only to score with her, we rightly regard him
as a sleazeball.  But when politicians do essentially the same thing,
save on a much larger scale, we call them "public servants" and treat
them as our saviors.  Very strange.

Donald J. Boudreaux