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My Physcian Can't Bandage My Cut…. So I'll Trust Him Also to Educate My Son and to Run My Pension And to…..

Yesterday I sent the following missive to the New York Times:

So America’s
infrastructure has suffered what you describe as "decades of
underfunding and inattention" ("Before Another Bridge Falls," 23
February 2008).  This fact should shake the foundations of your faith
in big government.  Adequately supplying public goods such as roads and
bridges ranks among government’s least objectionable and most widely
agreed upon duties.  And yet government fails even at this core task.

one reason for this failure is that government has loaded itself with
too many other tasks that drain its attention and resources away from
attending well to its chief duties.  Or perhaps government, even at its
finest, is incurably clumsy and untrustworthy.  Whatever the reason for
government’s failure to supply sound infrastructure, don’t you see the
danger in entrusting this same agency with the power to govern our
diets, to "redistribute" our incomes, to regulate our industries, and,
indeed, to intervene in nearly all of the ways that you famously demand?

Donald J. Boudreaux