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I certainly remember attending the December 1985 meeting of the American Economic Association in New York.  When I walked into the hotel lobby, I was immediately surrounded by economists, dozens, perhaps hundreds, of them praising my unpublished doctoral dissertation.  Ronald Coase was in the front line, telling me what a genius I am.  Paul Samuelson fell to his knees before me, embarrassingly worshipful, to exclaim that my work has finally shown him the light.  That’s what happened.

….. What?  You say that there’s no record of my legions of fans greeting me and singing my praises in December 1985?  Do you mean to say that the record quite clearly shows that, while I did indeed attend those meetings, my presence there made absolutely no discernible impact?  Is it true that the cameras did not record Coase’s encomiums to me or Samuelson’s homage paid to me?  Hmmm…..  Well, perhaps I misspoke.  It proves, you know, that I’m human.  Anyone, after twenty-two years, could mistake his complete anonymity at a meeting of illustrious scholars for his being feted, celebrated, and glorified.  I am, you know, only human.