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"Every Human Life Counts"

The Cato Institute‘s David Boaz has this wonderful essay in today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal.  In it, he challenges the claims by both John McCain and Barack Obama that persons should commit themselves to higher causes.  Here’s David’s conclusion:

The real issue is that Messrs. Obama and McCain are telling us Americans that our normal lives are not good enough, that pursuing our own happiness is “self-indulgence,” that building a business is “chasing after our money culture,” that working to provide a better life for our families is a “narrow concern.”

They’re wrong. Every human life counts. Your life counts. You have a right to live it as you choose, to follow your bliss. You have a right to seek satisfaction in accomplishment. And if you chase after the almighty dollar, you just might find that you are led, as if by an invisible hand, to do things that improve the lives of others.